Tuition and Fees

100 Level - Pilates Mat Certification

  • Comprehensive Mat Instructor Training
    • Description: Combine all the courses and save money! Includes Mat 101 & 102, self practice and observation, workbook and 10 visit mat class card.
    • Cost: $800 ($775 early bird discount more than 2 weeks prior to first lecture hour)
  • Individual Mat Certification Course Prices:
    • 101: Pilates Fundamental and Beginning Mat - $450.00
    • 102: Intermediate and Advanced Mat - $400.00
    • 103: Advanced Mat Choreography Using Props - 2 hr Master Class - $25.00
    • 103: Advanced Mat Choreography Using Props - 6 hr Workshop - $150.00
    • 103: Advanced Mat Choreography Using Props - Both Master Class and Workshop - $160.00

200 Level - Exercise Science Courses

  • 201:Anatomy and Biomechanics for Movement Instructors
    • Description: This 20 hour course will provide personal trainers, Pilates, yoga and group fitness instructors a comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy of movement, including terminology and the functional systems of human biomechanics.
    • Cost: $425, includes required text
  • 202: Clinical Assessment
    • Description: Teach Pilates Instructors, physical therapists, massage therapists and personal fitness trainers the skills needed to evaluate the current condition of biomechanical structures of a patient or client
    • Cost: $325

300 Level - Pilates Reformer Certification

  • 301: Comprehensive Pilates Reformer Instructor Training
    • Description: Includes training on the Pilates reformer, self practice and observation and workbook. A comprehensive exam and apprenticeship (301A and 301B) is incorporated into this component.
    • Cost: $1,500.00
  • 301A: Pilates Reformer Instructor Exam
    • Description: During this three hour segment of the instructor education process you will demonstrate your knowledge of the Pilates movements for the Reformer in both a written and practical exam. Additionally, you will be required to research and demonstrate two movements not taught in the course.
    • Cost: $400.00
  • 301B: Pilates Reformer Instructor Apprenticeship
    • Description: A 100 hour Reformer Instructor Education Apprenticeship
    • Cost: No cost
  • 302: Cadillac (Trapeze Table) and 303 Chair and Barrels
    • Description: you will learn the pieces equipment known as the Cadillac, Chair and Barrels and the corresponding exercises. At the completion of the 303 Level coursework, you will take the final exams (303A) and the Apprenticeship (303B) . If you have completed the 301 level instruction including the apprenticeship, you’ll be tested on the 302 and 303 level equipment only.

400 Level - Pilates Equipment Certification

  • Comprehensive Pilates Equipment Instructor Training
    • The 400 Level Comprehensive track is for those who wish to be qualified to teach on all pieces of Pilates equipment. This track includes: 401 - Pilates Equipment Training - Cadillac and 402- Pilates Equipment Instructor Education - Chair and Barrels. A comprehensive exam and apprenticeship (402A and 402B) is incorporated into this component.
    • Cost: $1,500
  • 403: Adding Cardio to Pilates Mat and Equipment Classes
    • Description: This 4 hour workshop will teach you how to design and teach Pilates circuit and interval classes.  Cardio circuit training is a proven exercise method for delivering outstanding results, and has been used to train elite Olympic and Professional athletes, as well as clients like yours. Learn why this training technique is so effective for burning calories, increasing endurance and strengthening the cardio respiratory system.  Get fail-safe tips on designing choreography that will challenge and energize your clients!
    • Cost: $125
  • 404: Flexibility and Advanced Stretching Techniques
    • Description: This 4 hour course is designed to teach Pilates instructors, group fitness instructors, personal trainers and other fitness professionals the knowledge and skills they need to be able to choose and execute the most effective stretches to meet their clients' goals. This workshop content goes beyond the basic stretches and delves into the anatomy of each stretch, including when to stretch, in what order, and for how long. Participants will be shown a variety of stretches for every major muscle group and joint.
    • Cost: $150

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