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Modern Solutions for Pilates Teacher Training

Trust us.  We’ve been there.  And we know that teaching Pilates and running a Pilates-based fitness business is a challenging and rewarding career.  We understand the importance of choosing the right instructor training program. Whether you are looking to teach Pilates to clients or run your own Pilates teacher training business, there are many options available for Pilates instructor certification.  Cost and quality of the programs can vary greatly. We appreciate your trust and are committed to providing the highest quality, contemporary Pilates instructor education available.

Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy™ has been the center for Pilates education in the Midwest since 2003 and is quickly building a presence nationally. Our coursework exceeds industry standards and is recognized by the premiere organizations in Pilates education, including the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

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Our exercise science-based approach to teaching the mind/body discipline of Pilates is offered in a modular style, allowing you to tailor a program that's customized to fit within your lifestyle,  economic framework and your business goals. Following our college-level curriculum, you will develop the critical thinking skills to not just perform both classical and contemporary Pilates exercises, but to design safe, effective and fun private sessions and classes for clients of all ages and fitness levels.  PBPIA™ offers a challenging and complete apprenticeship, ensuring that you not only understand the exercises on an academic level, but have the communication, interpersonal and organizational skills to successfully build a client-based Pilates business.

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