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Additional Program Requirements

Student Observation Requirement - Mat and Equipment Courses

Required for both mat instructor education and equipment instructor education.

In this component, you will schedule time in a pre-approved studio to observe certified instructors teaching mat classes (for mat instructor education ) or working with their clients (for equipment instructor education ). You are responsible for keeping track of your hours and getting a signature after each session or class (Note: Equipment Instructor Education observation can only occur with the client's permission).

You will learn through observation:

  1. How the Certified Instructor verbally teaches and physically demonstrates the Pilates exercises.

  2. How the Certified Instructor structures a Pilates exercise session or class.

  3. How to design a program and keep client records.

  4. How the Certified Instructor coaches the client to provide corrections and feedback about the exercises.

  5. How the Certified Instructor keeps the session safe and focused.

Student Self Practice Requirement - Equipment Only Courses

Required for Equipment Instructor Education Only.

In this component of the Equipment Instructor Education, you will schedule time in a pre-approved studio to practice the Pilates exercises as you learn them in the lecture component of the program. You are responsible for scheduling during times when clients of the studio will not be disturbed, keeping track of your hours and getting a signature from the supervising instructor.


You will learn through practice:

  1. Safety and spring configuration for each exercise and piece of equipment

  2. Appropriate form, modifications and variations for each exercise

  3. Progression of each exercise as it relates to other exercises

  4. Breathing for each exercise

Student Self-Practice Requirement - Mat Courses

Required for Mat Instructor Education Only.

In this component of the Mat Instructor Education, you may participate in any classes in a pre-approved studio as self-practice hours.

Practical Exam Requirements

You will be given a list of the exercises taught during the lecture component of the equipment instructor education .

You will be expected to:

  1. Demonstrate physically and verbally explain each exercise.

  2. Demonstrate proper breathing for each exercise.

  3. Demonstrate safety, proper spring configuration and set-up of the equipment for each exercise.

  4. Demonstrate modifications and/or variation of selected exercises.

  5. Research and demonstrate additional exercises not taught during the lecture component.

Written Final Exam Sample Questions

  • A client has weak abdominals and hip flexors. You’ve decided to teach teaser for the first time. On which of the following pieces of equipment would be the best to begin?

    • The reformer

    • The cadillac

    • The ladder barrel

    • The spine corrector

  • What did Joseph Pilates call his method of exercise?

    • Pilates

    • Aerobics

    • Circus fitness

    • Contrology

  • While teaching pike on the chair, and advanced client complains of pain in her left shoulder. You should:

    • Increase the spring weight

    • Tell her to work through the pain

    • Call the emergency room

    • Stop the movement

  • Which of the following cues would be inappropriate when teaching long spine on the reformer?

    • Navel to spine on exhale

    • Pubic bone and ASIS in same plane

    • Articulate one vertebra at a time

    • Feet and hips in straight line

Learn More Now

If you are interested in becoming certifed to teach Pilates on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels, please call Amanda Iiams, Director of Education at the studio 888-251-2080 or email her to schedule an interview. Note that you do not need to set up an interview to take Mat based or Anatomy based classes only.

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