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Anatomy Matters; Prone Hip Extension 

January 05, 2018 - Amanda Jessee Iiams, MA, NKT3, CSCS, PMA-CPT, ACE

Anatomy Matters: Prone Hip Extension

When teaching an exercise like Prone Hip Extension, I always teach Gluteal sequencing first to help clients fire their glutes before the hamstrings. I cue my clients to straighten the knees (super straight). For example, while lying prone, press the tops of the feet into the mat while lifting the kneecaps only up, then try to squeeze the glutes without lifting the thigh. Straightening the knee in this way will help to limit the role of the hamstring (which is primarily a knee flexor and secondarily a hip extender) in an exercise which involves hip extension.  If the knee is even a little bent the motor control center in the brain will automatically prioritize the hamstring as the initial mover over the glute max which will weaken the glute causing Gluteal Amnesia.  

In this video, I am focusing on teaching the knee extension component which is helpful to teach prior to Glute Sequencing.  Using the leg springs on the Trapeze Table, a client can get in touch with how it feels to fire the whole front line of the leg to straighten the knee and strengthen the quad.  Then by removing the springs, the instructor would cue verbally (or even with the hands on the anterior shin or ankle) the client to fully straighten the knee as they did with the springs before extending the hip to elevate the thigh in extension. Give it a try.