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Teaching Proper Hip Hinge Mechanics 

February 23, 2017 - Amanda Jessee Iiams

In this video, I'm demonstrating a more advanced progression of a hip hinge fundamental. Hip hinges help to disassociate the lumbar spine from the hip joint. Hip hinging is important especially for clients with tight hamstrings and the inability to stabilize the lumbar spine and pelvis when the hamstrings are on length. I have the reformer sprung with one red, but more might be needed if the client was unstable. Watch for the ability to maintain a stable spine at lumbar and cervical. If your client needs an easier option, start them on the floor, in 4 point kneeling, maintain stable spine while moving the hips backwards towards the heels about 3 inches (don't let them sit back or down) The most common errors will be: posterior tilt of pelvis, collapse of scapula and head/ neck misalignments such as neck extension or head drop forward. Enjoy!!