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Tips for Starting a Successful Career in Pilates 

September 08, 2020 - Pilates Instructor Academy

Tips for Starting a Successful Career in Pilates

Pilates enthusiasts everywhere can agree on the positive energy Pilates classes generate. A lot of that energy comes from the enthusiasm of a Pilates instructor who’s invested in their career. In fact, it no longer feels like a job, because it doesn’t feel like work. A great Pilates teacher is simply doing what they love and getting paid to do it.


Whether you’ve taken the plunge to achieve your Pilates instructor certification or are still in research mode to become a Pilates teacher, here are several tips to get you started on the right foot so you can hit the ground running!

Pilates Instructor Certification Takes Commitment

Pursuing your Pilates instructor certification online requires intentional self-discipline. The choice to become a Pilates teacher is rewarding. It’s fun. Of course, you want to get your money’s worth. So, in making this your career choice, being absolutely dedicated your classes is in your best interest. Commitment to studying, practicing daily, deciding whether to sit for the PMA (now NPCP) exam, and connecting to others in the field are vital practices.


You will benefit the most if you make the firm decision to complete your Pilates certification in a timely manner. The sooner you complete your coursework, the sooner you can begin receiving a return on your Pilates teacher training investment. Ideally, you should complete your online Pilates teacher training within one year of starting your course. It requires self-discipline and time management to stay on track. This is especially important if you have other commitments with family or have a current job.


 Choose a Pilates Certification Program That Fits Your Needs

When it comes to finding the right Pilates certification program, research is key. It’s critical to research each Pilates teacher training provider. Examine the programs by:


  •       Reading reviews
  •       Learning is included in the Pilates certification coursework
  •       Confirming how long the company has been in business, and has an established track record of providing high-quality programs
  •       Finding out what additional resources are available
  •       And of course, reading up on the course instructor’s bio


It’s important to choose the program that fits your budget, but also fits your individual needs and personal beliefs. Having in-depth training courses and a plethora of resources available for you will enhance your experience and better qualify you to teach with the methods and style you need to be greatly successful.

Make Sure That Your Pilates Instructor Course Has Plenty of Support

Developing a strong sense of community is important when getting your certification for Pilates teacher training. When you’re stuck, you’ll need access to teachers and mentors to help you work through the program. Does the Pilates certification program provide the means for getting your questions answered? Do they have offer free content to go along with the curriculum? Is the instructor easily accessible and relatable to help you work through course material? Finding a Pilates instructor certification that successfully creates a sense of community in their program will also promote the achievement of your goals and aspirations.

Your Ability to Communicate is Your Best Friend for Pilates Instructor Jobs

A big part of your career as a Pilates teacher is establishing relationships with your students. If you are not great with names, learn tactics that will help you learn and remember their names. When they enter the studio, greet them and repeat their name. “Hi Sue, glad to see you here today.” Association is a great method for remembering your students. In your mind, create and repeat rhymes that also relate to them as an individual. Such as where one lives… “Betty from the Bronx.” Or, something they’ve mentioned they like… “Katy loves cats.”


Use Mindbody Online or another electronic client management system to build and keeping a roster of your Pilates clients. This also helps you keep up with your students beyond the studio. Stay connected via text, email, phone calls, or offer a short e-newsletter. The more steps you take to further your relationships, the more your role as a Pilates teacher becomes less of a job and more of a joy, students become more comfortable, and the class becomes a true community and the place of refreshment it is meant to be. When that happens, students will be excited to invite their friends and family. Everyone wins!

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