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Helping Clients with Back Pain 408W

An online Pilates continuing education course

Pilates teachers and personal trainers – Do you work with clients who suffer from conditions like bulging or ruptured discs, spondylolisthesis, stenosis or sacroiliac joint pain? These painful conditions can diminish your clients’ quality of life. Appropriate movement can greatly improve mobility and reduce pain. But – if you don’t understand the nature of the condition and the proper way to address it, you risk causing further damage. This 90 minute webinar will help you safely design Pilates sessions to help these clients!

Co -designed with a Physical Therapist, this workshop teaches Pilates instructors and other fitness professionals the skills needed to evaluate the current condition of a client’s spine and pelvis to determine contraindications as related to these specific conditions. Students will be shown alignment corrections as well as strain counter-strain techniques and releases that can aid in helping individuals with back pain to find relief and strengthen the core. Emphasis will be placed on designing Pilates sessions with SAFETY in mind.

Course Details at a Glance

  • Learning Objectives:  Through a series of online lectures, quizzes, worksheets and movement practice, you will learn:
    • Simple evaluation techniques to determine the current condition of a client’s spine
    • Contraindications and watch-outs for clients with back pain
    • Pilates and physical therapy-based exercises to immediately incorporate into your Pilates sessions
    • When to refer a client to a medical professional
  • Prerequisites:  None
  • Cost $69
  • Continuing Education Units: PMA 3
  • About the Instructor About Amanda


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