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Pilates and Neck Posture 410W

An online Pilates continuing education course

You see it everywhere!  Everyone is looking down at their phones to text or read.  What a pain in the neck!!  Pilates teachers, personal trainers and massage therapists can help your clients and students improve neck posture with a few simple exercises.

Course Details at a Glance

Learning Objectives:  This course is designed to teach Pilates and Fitness instructors how to help their clients improve poor posture created by phone, tablet and computer use.  Students will review anatomy and biomechanics related to the condition and will learn exercises and stretches that can be immediately implemented into a Pilates or Fitness personal training session. 

  • At the completion of this course participants will:
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of poor neck posture
    • Be able to design effective workout sessions to help improve neck posture
    • Be able assign homework exercises to clients to help improve neck posture
  • Prerequisites:  None
  • Cost $59
  • Continuing Education Units: ACE .1, PMA 2
  • About the Instructor About Amanda


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