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Pelvic Floor Webinar 407W

An online Pilates continuing education course

DID YOU KNOW? Over 60% of women over 40 have some type of pelvic floor dysfunction. Many people don’t realize it or are too embarrassed to seek out information about pelvic floor dysfunction. Pilates Teachers, Yoga Teachers and Personal Trainers are in an ideal position to help clients mitigate symptoms of current pelvic floor dysfunction and prevent future pelvic floor issues. 

Course Details at a Glance

  • Learning Objectives - Through a series of online lectures, quizzes, worksheets and movement practice, you will learn:
    • The anatomy of the pelvis and pelvic floor
    • Signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction
    • Exercises you can immediately incorporate into your regular Pilates and fitness classes
  • Prerequisites:  None
  • Cost $59
  • Continuing Education Units: ACE .1, PMA 2
  • About the Instructor About Amanda


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