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Professional Pilates Teacher

An online Pilates continuing education course

"Professional Pilates Teacher" – this term is bandied about every day in the Pilates and fitness industry.  But what exactly does it mean to be a professional Pilates teacher?  This workshop takes a deeper dive into what it means to be a professional in the Pilates Industry.  Topics include specific behaviors indicative of Professional Pilates Instructors, Pilates Instructor Scope of Practice as defined by the National Pilates Certification Program and Pilates Instructor Code of Ethics as defined by the NPCP (formerly the Pilates Method Alliance - PMA).  Using real-life case studies from over 30 years in the industry, your instructor will help you think about and model a higher level of professionalism.  Whether you are a sole proprietor teaching from a home studio or a director of Pilates in a large fitness center, you'll learn skills you can immediately apply in your daily Pilates business.  A PDF hand out and quiz are included in the course.

Course Details at a Glance

  • Learning Objectives: Through a series of online lectures, quizzes, worksheets and movement practice, you will learn:
    • Obtain a greater understanding of behaviors that are expected from a professional Pilates instructor
    • Be able to differentiate between Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics documents.
    • Identify specific behaviors and skills in Scope of Practice and Code of ethics documents with the intention of developing critical decision-making skills around these topics.
    • Gain an understanding of what emergency preparedness, risk management programs and incident / accident reports are. 
  •  Prerequisites:  None
  • Cost $59
  • Continuing Education Units: PMA 2
  • About the Instructor


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