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What's Inside the Total Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training Curriculum Kit?

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Your Pilates Mat and Reformer Teacher Training Business Kit includes everything you need to offer Pilates mat and Reformer workshops -- registering students, teaching workshops, managing student teachers and apprentices, tracking and reporting grades, class evaluations and more. Each kit covers: 

  • 63 mat exercises broken into preparatory, beginning, intermediate and advanced movements, with modifications and variations for all fitness levels plus a full chapter on scapular stabilization
  • Bonus chapter on stretches for all major muscle groups
  • 3 full one-hour choreographed workouts for beginning, mixed level and classical mat classes
  • 71 Pilates Reformer exercises with modifications and variations for all fitness levels
  • Chapter on contraindications and safety considerations for specific conditions such as spondylolisthesis, osteoporosis, frozen shoulder and more


Our Pilates Instructor Training Curriculum Kits Are 100% Fully
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A Business-in-a-Box

Affordable and convenient solution for comprehensive, high-quality contemporary Pilates instructor education. No need to “reinvent the wheel” – all instructor and student materials and marketing materials are provided.

A Tried-and-True Solution

Tried and true Pilates teacher training materials, full color workbooks, quizzes and homework assignments, all fully customizable with your logo and brand

Full Control of Your Business

Using our materials and processes, you set the schedule and pricing for your own workshops

Full Control of Your Schedule

You control the quality and quantity of your Pilates teacher training process

An Additional Income Opportunity

Substantially increased revenue potential for studio, gym, fitness center or school – you can begin earning revenue immediately...in your own business, in your own market


Two (2) Pilates Instructor Training Kits 
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