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headshot-tanya-flock.jpgPIA Licensee, Tanya Flock

Fitness and Health has always been a high priority for Tanya Flock and her family. Before opening Pûrflexion Pilates Studio in Tulsa, she devoted the majority of her time raising a family, and working with her three children. She home-schooled her kids and helped one of her sons train and enter into the professional motocross industry. She spent decades studying exercise, nutrition, strength, balance and flexibility to keep her athlete strong and injury-free. Once her kids were out of the house, Tanya decided to go into Pilates and fitness full time. She opened Pûrflexion Pilates studio in Tulsa in 2016.  She completed her Comprehensive Pilates Equipment Certification from Pilates Instructor Academy in 2019.  She devotes her passion and energy to working with clients from the professional athletes to the those recovering from injury. Her clients range from the age of 8 years old to 90. She understands the importance of proper education and Pilates teacher certification. As a former owner of Cosmetology Education Facilities, Tanya spent years training people working in the aesthetics industry.

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