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Pilates Instructor Academy understands that a well-trained team of Pilates teachers is the key to owning and operating a profitable Pilates business.  We offer customizable solutions to Pilates studio owners, fitness centers, gyms and schools looking to provide Pilates teacher training. 

Control your Pilates Teacher Training Process and Increase your Profits!

FACT:  Demand is high across the country for certified Pilates instructors, in markets both large and small.

FACT:  Many independent Pilates studio owners are unable to meet this demand due to a lack of certified instructors.

FACT:  High-quality, contemporary Pilates education and certification can be inaccessible and expensive if you don’t happen to live in a large city where a training center is located.

FACT:  This presents a great opportunity to independent studio owners to grow their businesses and train Pilates instructors IN THEIR OWN MARKETS by becoming a PIA Licensee or Preferred Host Studio.

Pilates Instructor Academy Licensee Program:

  • Affordable licensing of comprehensive, high-quality contemporary Pilates teacher certification
  • Substantially increased revenue potential for your business – you can begin earning revenue immediately
  • Opportunity to teach workshops in your own studio, in your own market
  • Complete control – As a PIA Licensee, you set the schedule for your own workshops
  • PIA Pilates teacher training workshops meet current national requirements for NPCP (formerly PMA) exam
  • No need to “recreate the wheel” – all instructor and student materials and administration materials are provided
  • Brand identity – PIA is known throughout the midwest for small class sizes, rigorous standards and affordable pricing
  • Central scheduling and credit card processing for students from a single website

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Pilates Instructor Academy is committed to providing the highest quality instruction.  As such, PIA Licensee’s must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 5 years experience teaching Pilates to clients
  • Certified by PIA, or a comparable contemporary Pilates teacher training program
  • Complete our PIA Train the Trainer workshop
  • NPCP Certification is encouraged, but not required

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  • $5,999 initial investment plus 30% per student revenue share (this includes new school orientation training, although additional travel expenses may apply)
  • Annual renewal fee of $1,000

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Thinking about adding Pilates Teacher Training to your studio? Meet Vicki and Mari, Owners of CoreVelo Pilates and Cycling in Norfolk, VA.  As a PIA Licensee© Studio, they increased their studio revenue and took control of their Pilates instructor staffing!

Host a Pilates Teacher-in-Training

Want to grow you business, but not ready to become a PIA Licensee©? As a Preferred Host Studio, you can build you staff, increase your revenue and serve more clients by hosting new Pilates teachers as they complete their practice teaching.

Preferred Host Studios:

  • Provide space, equipment and supervision for Pilates teachers to complete the practice teaching component of their certification - without any out of pocket costs to the studio!
  • Start earning revenue on day one
  • Are first in line for anyone in their area completing the PIA Online Pilates Certification and needs access to equipment for practice teaching
  • Must provide a Certificate of Insurance

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Pilates Instructor Academy's© online and live Pilates teacher training and certifications exceed the highest standards set in the Pilates, fitness and bodywork industries, and are recognized by leading authorities for continuing education credits, including:

  • NPCP - The National Pilates Certification Program (formerly the Pilates Method Alliance, PMA)
  • ACE - The American Council on Exercise
  • NCBTMB - The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

We proudly support our US Military families! Military spouses may qualify for tuition assistance through MyCaa.

Looking for sit for the NPCP (formerly the PMA) certification exam? Pilates Instructor Academy's 505 hour comprehensive equipment certification exceeds the requirements to sit for the Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) exam offered by The National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP), formerly the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). 


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amandaiiamsheadshot.jpgAmanda Jessee Iiams, MA, NCPT, CSCS, ACE-GFI, NKT Level 3

Co-Owner and Chief Education Officer

Amanda has been a leader in the health and fitness industry since 1986. She began her career as a group fitness instructor and continued to teach all types of groups fitness classes, until she became certified to teach Pilates in 2000. She holds a BA in Exercise Science and an MA in Higher Education Curriculum Development / Exercise Physiology.  Her philosophy toward Pilates instructor training and certification is to provide high-quality, exercise science-based Pilates education that is affordable, convenient and most of all taught in a supportive and inclusive environment.

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carriecohnheadshot.jpgCarrie Cohn, MBA, NCPT

Co-Owner and Chief Operations Officer

Carrie has been a passionate and committed fitness entrepreneur since 1986, and has experience with all types of group fitness, personal training and especially Pilates. After obtaining her graduate degree, she felt compelled to invest even more in the world of fitness, which led her to open a Pilates studio in Overland Park, KS, in 2000.  She grew that company into the largest Pilates studio in Kansas, with a staff of up to 18 people serving over 300 clients per week.  She sold that studio in 2018 to focus full time on providing high-quality, affordable and accessible Pilates teacher training.

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  • State education regulations and the PMA School Approval Process?

We've served on both the PMA Board of Directions and the PMA Teacher Training Summit Development Committee and have insights into the changing Pilates teacher certification landscape.

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