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Pilates Instructor Certification Program for Studio Owners 

February 28, 2019 -

Pilates has gained momentum over the past few decades as more focus is put on a balance between strength training and body awareness in the fitness industry. As more and more people are moving away from the traditional cardio and weights routine at the gym, Pilates is growing in popularity because of its focus on core strength, the harmony it creates between muscle development and breathing techniques, and the focused attention generated between instructor and student. This last point is critical: the instructor-student relationship within the class structure. If you are offering a class that puts a large emphasis on subtle details and nuanced movement, it is incredibly important that your instructor be highly trained and certified.

As a studio owner, it is equally important to understand what it takes to properly train a staff of highly qualified Pilates teachers. The best option is to complete a Pilates instructor training course yourself or utilize a comprehensive curriculum and then take control by offering a Pilates instructor certification at your studio. This is a great way to grow your business and build rapport within the Pilates community.  But simply being a Pilates instructor does not give you all the tools to teach new instructors. The ideal option is for your studio to offer a Pilates instructor certification program. Pilates Instructor Academy offers two types of affordable solutions for studios and gyms to educate their instructors: the Customizable Pilates Teacher Training Business Kits, and a Turnkey Licensee Program.

Pilates Instructor Academy’s Pilates Instructor Trainin

Congratulations! You have made the decision to offer Pilates instructor training at your studio. What training program should you utilize? How long will it take to see the benefits for your Pilates studio? What if you have a student who is preparing to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certification exam, what is the best curriculum for getting them ready? 

Pilates Instructor Academy’s two affordable solutions are excellent options for studio or gym owners and once you are equipped, you can start offering trainings in your studio immediately. If you have a prospective instructor who is interested in the PMA certification exam, Pilates Instructor Academy’s 510 hour comprehensive Pilates equipment training program will prepare them to sit for the certification exam. There are two main options for you as a studio or gym owner, the Turnkey Licensee Program and a Customized Teacher Training Business Kit option. Both are excellent, comprehensive training kits but which one to choose depends on several factors including time and resource allocation and what your end goals are for your studio.

Pilates Instructor Academy Licensee Program

The Turnkey Licensee Program is a more traditional Pilates instructor training program where you take a “train the trainer” course and then take that information and teach Pilates instructor courses at your own studio or gym.

The Turnkey Licensee Program is great for studio or gym owners who wish to go through a training course with Pilates Instructor Academy and then utilize the PIA Pilates certification brand and curriculum to train future instructors. Becoming a PIA Licensee is a great way to offer your instructors the best Pilates certification available.

What are the benefits of becoming a PIA Licensee?

  1. Freedom & Opportunity: Going through the Pilates Instructor Academy Turnkey Licensee Program gives you the opportunity to teach workshops at your location, on your own time. You’ll have the freedom to determine your schedule and pricing for all of your workshops, so the training is really on your terms.
  1. Backed by a Known Pilates Brand: You’ll have the Pilates Instructor Academy brand to back your Pilates instructor training workshops. Pilates Instructor Academy will provide all training materials for instructors and students along with marketing materials to ensure your workshops are successful!
  1. The Pilates Instructor Academy Turnkey Licensee program meets the national requirements for the PMA exam. You can rest assured that your instructors are receiving the best Pilates certification available.
  1. Increased Revenue: Becoming a PIA Licensee is a fantastic way to start generating revenue for your studio or gym. Offering Pilates teacher training courses allows you to immediately start earning revenue.
  1. Pilates Instructor Academy manages the administration of the program, including online scheduling on a central site, credit card processing, and issuing final certificates.

How much does it cost to become a Pilates Instructor Academy Licensee?

Becoming a Pilates Instructor Academy Licensee requires an initial investment of $5,999, a 30% per student revenue share, and an annual renewal fee.

The PIA Licensee Program is an affordable option to allow your studio or gym to offer a comprehensive, high-quality, contemporary Pilates instructor course.

For more information on becoming a PIA Licensee, costs associated and how to get started, contact Pilates Instructor Academy today!

Customizable Pilates Teacher Training Business Kits

The Customizable Pilates Teacher Training Business Kit option offers several of the benefits of the Turnkey program, with more customization but less hands-on training. You get to offer Pilates teacher training in your own studio, targeting your specific market. All of your instructor and student materials are provided. The customized teacher training kit will give you the benefit of having your studio or gym branding on all materials instead of the PIA branding, making it studio specific. You also get to set the pricing for all Pilates training courses held at your studio.

What are the benefits of the Pilates Instructor Academy Customized Training?

  1. Your Business Name and Brand: Utilizing the PIA Customizable Teacher Training Business Kit allows you to offer a comprehensive, high-quality Pilates certification program to your future instructors under your own brand. You are the Pilates authority in your market.
  1. Complete Control: You decide when to teach workshops and how much you want to charge.
  1. Drive Revenue Immediately: Once you’ve received your Pilates Teacher Training Business Kit, you can begin your first Pilates instructor course in your market as soon as you want! You aren’t required to share any revenue on your trainings because it’s all run under your brand.
  1. PMA exam preparation: The Customizable Pilates Teacher Training Kit meets all the current requirements to prepare your instructors to sit for the PMA exam.


The Customizable Pilates Teacher Training Business Kit does not include the hands-on instruction from PIA but rather you are provided all the instructional materials and can start teaching Pilates instructor courses immediately. The customized program allows you to decide how extensive you want your Pilates teacher training courses to be, ranging from mat only to a total training kit including mat, reformer, trapeze table, chair and barrels. This program will let you decide how much you want your one-time investment to be and how much you want to get out of it in regards to future Pilates training courses. If you are a confident Pilates instructor and function well with self-guided materials, the customized teacher training kit is a great option for you.

Which Pilates Instructor Certification Program is Right for you?

There are two major factors that will help you decide which program you should employ for your own studio or gym. First is the cost/time commitment. If you don’t want to make a five-year commitment or pay an annual renewal fee, then the customized curriculum is for you. Second is the marketing factor. If you want all of your materials to be branded with your studio logo, communicating to potential instructors that your studio is providing Pilates instructor training, then you should also seek out the customized curriculum.

If you prefer hands-on training from the experts at Pilates Instructor Academy, the Turnkey Licensee Program is a great option for your situation. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, contact Pilates Instructor Academy today and we’ll help you make the right decision for your situation.

Bottom line, if you are looking to boost your studio’s revenue, offering Pilates certification is a great place to begin. As long as you are using the materials provided by Pilates Instructor Academy, you can be assured you are offering the best pilates teacher training and your courses will fill up in no time!



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