Online Pilates Equipment Teacher Certification

Online Comprehensive Pilates Equipment Certification

Our Pilates Comprehensive Pilates Equipment Teacher Certification-100% ONLINE!!

BEST DEAL - Bundle Online Mat, Online Anatomy and Full Equipment Certification for $2,799 (save 20%)

This 255 hour is packed with so much information to help you become a well-rounded, safe and highly educated Pilates teacher. We offer one on one mentoring so that even though you are taking this course in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, you still get the high quality Pilates instruction education that we have been offering in the classroom for over 2 decades! This is not just intended for people stuck at home during the pandemic. It is perfect also for Pilates practitioners, personal trainers, yoga teachers and who want to teach Pilates in your community, but don't live near a traditional Pilates teacher training center.

There are 12 courses included in your 255 hour Online Pilates Mat, Anatomy and Comprehensive Equipment Certification

  • Online Pilates Mat Teacher Certification
  • Online Anatomy & Biomechanics for Movement Instructors*
  • Online Pilates Reformer Certification
  • Online Pilates Trapeze Table/Tower Certification
  • Online Pilates Chair Certification
  • Online Pilates Barrels/Arcs Certification
  • 6 supplemental courses to help you succeed

To qualify for the NPCP (formerly PMA) certification exam just add:

  • 75 hours of self-practice
  • 75 hours of observation
  • 100 hours of practice teaching

NOTE - PIA does not charge for self-practice, observation and practice teaching. These hours can be completed in a home studio or at a host studio, gym or other fitness facility. Some host studios may charge for access to equipment and additional coaching. PIA does not determine these rates.

Anatomy text sold separately*

You must have access to the following equipment for the movement practice and final exams of the certification

  • Reformer
  • Trapeze Table or Tower
  • Wunda Chair
  • Ladder Barrel or other Pilates arc

The cost for this certification is $3,454, but we offer a 20% package discount for single payments. Everything included for just $2,799!

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Continuing Education Credits:

Earn CEC's from ACE, NPCP, CanFitPro and NCBTMB for this course.




  • 255 total hours including prerequisites
  • Instant downloadable PDF course manual
  • Self-paced video lectures on beginning, intermediate and advanced Pilates Reformer exercises
  • Student Assignments
  • Accessory Video Lectures on topics including:
    • Pilates History
    • The Importance of Teaching Proper Alignment
    • Client Safety
    • Professional Etiquette and Customer Service
    • Cuing and Teaching Skills
    • Contraindications
    • Client Intake, Assessment and Goals
    • Risk Management
    • $400 value at NO ADDITIONAL COST!
  • Practical Exam
  • Written Exam
  • One to one mentoring via Zoom or Skype with a Master Instructor

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Qualify for the NPCP (formerly the PMA) Certification Exam for no additional cost! Just add:

  • 75 hours of Self-Practice
  • 75 hours of Observation
  • 100 hours of Practice Teaching

Check out a FREE preview of our Online Pilates Reformer Certification!

Check out a FREE preview of our Online Pilates Chair Certification!

Check out a FREE preview of our Online Pilates Trapeze Table or Tower Certification!

Check out a FREE preview of our Online Pilates Barrels and Arcs Certification!

Also included in ALL Online Pilates Certification Courses:

  • Assignments, quizzes and exams
  • Throughout the lectures, you will be directed to complete teaching assignments
  • Bonus content on a variety of topics, including full length workouts, class choreography ideas and deeper dive discussions
  • Private PIA customer chat room to connect with other PIA Online Certification Customers
  • Practice teaching with distance mentor (up to one hour distance mentoring included. Additional time can be purchased, if needed)
  • At the completion of the final video lecture you will be prompted to take the final written and practical exams
  • Final certificate issued after you’ve successfully completed the written final exam
  • FREE trial listing on our Certified Instructors page


Q – Will this certification course prepare me to teach Pilates mat and equipment classes?

A - YES!  Our course provides everything you need to teach safe, effective and fun Pilates mat and equipment classes to a variety of participants of varying skill.  Combined with our Online Pilates Mat Certification, our Online Anatomy & Biomechanics for Movement Instructors, and our Online Pilates Reformer Certification the course is 255 total hours of in-depth curriculum.

Q – I don’t live near a Pilates studio.  Do I need access to a Pilates equipment to take this course?

A – Practicing the Pilates equipment exercises is integral to becoming a well-rounded Pilates teacher.  Therefore, you will need access to a Reformer, Trapeze Table or Tower, Chair and Barrels or Arcs...either in your home, Pilates studio, gym or fitness center to successfully complete this course.

Q - How long does it take to complete the Online Pilates Equipment Teacher Certification?

A - You can take up to two years to complete the Online Pilates Equipment Teacher Certification.

Q - Why do I need to be pre-approved for this course?

A - Investing in a Pilates Equipment Teacher Certification is a big decision.  We want 100% of our customers to successfully complete our Pilates Certification courses and have a great experience while doing so!  Our #1 goal is to provide the highest quality Online Pilates Teacher Certifications.  In order to accomplish this, we have a few prerequisites. They are Comprehensive Mat Certification, Anatomy & Biomechanics for Movement Instructors (or equivalent) and Online Pilates Reformer Certification (or equivalent)

Q - If I don't meet the minimum prerequisites does that mean I can't take the Online Pilates Equipment Certification?

A - Not necessarily.  If you don't meet some or any of the prerequisites, we can provide additional support.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality Online Pilates Teacher Certification, and prepare our customers for successful careers teaching Pilates!

Q - Is this course a NPCP (formerly PMA) Certification?

A - NO. The National Pilates Certification Program (formerly PMA) does not train instructors to teach.  While many instructors and studios are only interested in offering Pilates mat and/or Reformer classes, the NPCP does not recognize mat and/or Reformer only certifications.  The NPCP is a non-profit Pilates Teacher Certification accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).  In order to sit for the NPCP exam, you must be comprehensively trained on all Pilates equipment (minimum of 450 hours). To qualify for the NPCP exam, you will just add:

  • 75 hours of Self-Practice
  • 75 hours of Observation
  • 100 hours of Practice Teaching

to your 255 hour Online Pilates Mat, Anatomy and Equipment Certification coursework

Q - What if I need more help?

A - No problem!!  We are here to help you.  Our master instructors will be available to answer questions and support you.  Call us at 888-251-2080 or email us to discover your path to a new career teaching Pilates!

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