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Pilates Certification Programs

Congratulations for taking the first step on your journey to becoming a certified Pilates Instructor!

Teaching Pilates is a challenging and rewarding career – and qualified Pilates teachers are in high demand.  Pilates Instructor Academy™ understands the importance of choosing the right Pilates certification program. Whether you are interested in teaching Pilates mat and/or Reformer Classes, or achieving comprehensive PMA Certification, we have a solution for you!  There are many Pilates teacher training options available for you, however, cost and quality of the programs can vary greatly. We appreciate your trust and are committed to providing the highest quality, contemporary Pilates instructor education available.

Pilates Instructor Academy’s™ training, assessment-based certificate programs and continuing education is based on a college curriculum model.  Graduates of the full 500 hour comprehensive Pilates instructor certificate are receiving the equivalent of an associate’s degree, in terms of credit hours, and will be completely prepared to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance-Certified Pilates Teacher exam (PMA-CPT). (the ONLY  third-party, NCCA accredited Pilates instructor certification). 

Following an academic model, our Pilates teacher training curriculum was designed with YOU, and your career as a Pilates teacher, in mind.  Our courses are accessible, flexible, and affordable.  As a PIA™ student, you can elect to take the entire comprehensive 500 hour equipment program all at once, or pick and choose to take courses as best fits your needs, schedule and budget.  However, to complete the full requirements necessary to sit for the PMA Certified Pilates Teacher Exam, all prerequisites must be satisfied, and required courses must be taken order of level (100 level courses, followed by 200 level courses, and then 300 and 400 level courses).

Solutions for YOUR Pilates Career!

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*Exceeds minimum requirements and fully prepares you to pass the PMA Certified Pilates Teacher exam

**201 Anatomy and Biomechanics is offered as an online course approximately 20 hours of study.