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Teach Pilates Reformer Classes - Live Courses

Pilates Reformer Teacher Training - Reformer 301

The Reformer is the most versatile and popular piece of  Pilates equipment.  In fact, many gyms, fitness centers and Pilates studios offer ONLY Reformer classes to their customers.   Our 301 Pilates Reformer Teacher Training course will fully prepare you to design and teach safe and challenging Reformer private and group classes. 

This component of the Pilates teacher training process is designed to enable you to train others on the Reformer including beginning, intermediate and advanced movements, safety, spring configuration and choreography for private and group settings. Requirements for completion:

Course Details at a Glance

  • Lecture - 12 hours
  • Observation - 25 hours
  • Self practice - 25 hours
  • Written and Practical exams - approximately 6 hours
  • Student Teaching Apprenticeship - 100 hours
  • Pre-requisites
    • Complete Comprehensive Pilates Mat Teacher Training (Mat 101 and Mat 102) or comparable program
    • Complete 201 Anatomy and Biomechanics for Movement Instructors Online Training Course
  • Cost: $2,050
  • Calendar for this course


If you choose to end your education at this level, you will take the final exams (301A) and complete the 100 hour apprenticeship for the Reformer (301B) . In addition to the Mat Instructor Education required in the pre-requisites, this course of study is an assessment-based certificate, which will prepare you to teach Pilates Reformer exercises in a group or private setting.  The PMA does not recognize Mat and/or Reformer only training as eligible for the PMA Certified Pilates Teacher Exam.  If you are interested in taking the PMA Exam, you are required to complete a minimum of 450 hours of comprehensive equipment training.

NOTE: The following 301A/B track is for the student who will not continue immediately with the Comprehensive Equipment Instructor Education. This student will only be qualified to teach Reformer and Mat movements in a private or group setting. Those completing the comprehensive instructor education will skip to 302.

301A: Pilates Reformer Instructor Education Exam

During this three hour segment of the instructor education process you will demonstrate your knowledge of the Pilates movements for the Reformer in both a written and practical exam. Additionally, you will be required to research and demonstrate two movements not taught in the course.

  • Written exam sample questions
  • Requirements for practical exam

Your exams will be scheduled directly with your instructor as fits your schedule

301B: Pilates Reformer Teacher Training Apprenticeship

Upon successful completion of the 301 Reformer Lecture, Self Practice, Observation, and both Written and Practical Exams, you will begin the 100 hour Reformer Instructor Education Apprenticeship. This is a fully supervised, paid apprenticeship. There is no cost to you, as an apprentice Pilates teacher, you will be paid at least the current federal minimum wage, although apprentice pay may vary depending on location.

Objectives of the Apprenticeship:

  • Initial assessment of client
  • Pilates program design
  • Communication skills
  • Payment collection
  • Managing client schedules

Your apprenticeship hours will be scheduled directly with your instructor/host studio as fits your schedule


Military spouses can receive financial support for our courses through the My Career Advancement Account



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