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How Much Does it Cost to Become a Pilates Instructor? 

June 21, 2019 - Pilates Instructor Academy

Whether you want to become a Pilates instructor or simply want to further your Pilates knowledge and experience, you may be curious about the Pilates certification cost. The Pilates instructor training cost varies, depending on what your career goals are and the kind of Pilates you want to teach. Pilates Instructor Academy has a variety of Pilates instructor programs available both online and in person, including a comprehensive Pilates instructor training course. Our comprehensive Pilates certification course will cost you less than the average associate’s degree from a two-year school, and will prepare you to sit for the PMA certification exam.

Pilates Certification Programs

There are a variety of Pilates instructor certification programs available today, each one designed to meet your specific Pilates teacher training goals. Becoming a Pilates instructor involves a combination of lecture learning, observation, and self-practice. When you decide to become a Pilates instructor, be prepared to continue learning and practicing constantly, as you continue to grow and develop your technique. Pilates Instructor Academy is happy to offer three main Pilates teacher training programs:

  • Mat Teacher Training
  • Reformer Teacher Training
  • Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

You need to have basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as Pilates movements to enroll in any of our Pilates teacher training programs. It is encouraged that you have some experience as a group exercise, dance or yoga instructor as well.

The cost of Pilates certification may seem daunting at first, but remember that you are seeking a specialized training so you can work with the body. Injuries and accidents may happen, but when you take the time to undergo comprehensive Pilates instructor training, you will be prepared to handle those moments and prevent further damage. Completing our comprehensive Pilates teacher training is recommended if you are interested in taking the PMA certification exam.

Pilates Mat Teacher Training

If your goal is to become a Pilates instructor with a focus on mat training, Pilates Instructor Academy offers college-level Pilates instructor training based on exercise science. You will undergo 25 hours of lecture, split over two weekends and are required to fulfill 10 hours of observation and 10 hours of self-practice to complete the course. When you enroll in the Pilates mat teacher training course, you will learn how to teach Pilates in a safe manner. We will compare the classical and contemporary mat Pilates instructor methods and upon completion, you will be ready to lead your own mat Pilates classes with confidence.

Mat Online Course

The Pilates Instructor Academy’s mat online course is available for our prospective Pilates instructors who don’t live near a training center but still want to receive the high-quality Pilates instructor training associated with PIA. Once you obtain the pre-approval to take the online mat training course, you will receive 25 hours of self-paced video lectures, including lessons covering:

  • The history of Joseph Pilates and his methods
  • Foundations of Pilates
  • How to teach Pilates in a fun and safe manner

Your online mat course also includes 10 online mat classes that you can use to meet your observation and self-practice requirements, all assignments and quizzes, and the final written exam.

Mat Live Course

The Pilates instructor live mat teacher training course is broken down to four basic parts:

  1. 25 hours of lecture, divided over two weekends
  2. 10 hours of Pilates instructor observation
  3. 10 hours of Pilates self-practice
  4. A written and practical final exam

Our Pilates mat live course two weekend lectures are Mat 101 and Mat 102. These courses are also available as continuing education classes, and are required for both our Pilates reformer and comprehensive Pilates teacher training courses.

Mat 101 is an excellent course dedicated to the fundamentals of Pilates and beginner Pilates mat exercises you need to master for both group and private classes. Mat 102 focuses more on intermediate and advanced choreography while learning the biometrics behind the movements.

Pilates Mat Certification Cost

Live Courses:

Our Mat 101 and Mat 102 courses each include the cost of your workbook and final exam. When purchased separately, the mat certification costs are $450 for Mat 101 and $400 for Mat 102. When purchased together, our mat Pilates certification cost is $800.

Online Course:

The online Pilates Instructor Academy mat teacher training course includes both Mat 101 and Mat 102 for $799. For more information on the prerequisites and course details see our online mat teacher training page.

Pilates Reformer Teacher Training

If you want to expand your Pilates instructor training to include apparatus training, PIA offers an exceptional Pilates reformer teacher training course. When you complete our 301 Pilates Reformer course, you will know how to teach Pilates reformer classes that are safe and engaging, making yourself marketable to a larger group of prospective clients and employers.

Reformer Live Course

The Pilates instructor reformer live course is made up of

  • 12 hours of lecture
  • 25 hours of observation
  • 25 hours of self-practice
  • 100 hours of a student teaching apprenticeship
  • A six hour written and practical exam

To be eligible for the Pilates Reformer teacher training course, you need to complete the comprehensive Mat training course (Mat 101 & 102) and complete our Anatomy and Biometrics online course (201 Anatomy and Biometrics for Movement Instructors Online Training Course).

Pilates Reformer Certification Cost

The comprehensive Reformer Pilates instructor training cost includes:

  • Mat 101 & 102 - $800
  • Anatomy 201 - $349
  • Reformer 301 - $1500
  • Exams 301 - $225

The final Pilates certification cost for the reformer course is $2874. If you have already completed the Mat certification course and want to continue your Pilates instructor training to include the reformer, the Reformer Pilates training cost is $1725, which includes Reformer 301 and Exams 301.

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training

When you want a comprehensive Pilates instructor training that will prepare you to sit for the PMA certified Pilates teacher exam, PIA offers a complete Pilates teacher training program designed to meet all the prerequisites you need for the PMA exam.

Comprehensive Live Course

The PIA comprehensive live course is made up of:

  • 57 lecture hours
  • 50 observation hours
  • 50 self-practice hours
  • 300 student teaching hours
  • 12 hour written and practical exam

You need to complete the Comprehensive Mat Teacher Training, Anatomy and Biomechanics, and the Reformer Training to be eligible for the Comprehensive Pilates instructor training course.

Comprehensive Pilates Certification Cost

Our Comprehensive Pilates Certification cost is $4599. If you are wondering if the cost of Pilates certification is worth it, remember you are preparing for 500 hours of training and education, or the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree. When you compare the Pilates instructor certification cost to tuition for a two-year college, you will see the cost of Pilates certification is almost half the national average to complete an Associate’s Degree.

If you’re ready to get started with Pilates Instructor Academy’s Pilates teacher training programs, contact us today.