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Thinking About Getting Your Pilates Certification Online? 

July 29, 2019 - Pilates Instructor Academy

Benefits of Becoming a Pilates Instructor Online

If you are passionate about the Pilates method and ready to share your fitness journey with others through teaching but are concerned you won’t be able to complete a traditional Pilates instructor training, you’re in luck! Pilates certification online is an option that many potential Pilates instructors seek and there are a variety of benefits to completing your Pilates mat certification online. Some benefits range from flexibility in scheduling, resources available, and a lower financial investment.

Freedom and Flexibility

One of the best parts about completing your Pilates training online is the freedom and flexibility that comes with online education. Traditional Pilates training courses require you to attend scheduled classes at a designated training location. Online Pilates teacher training allows you to complete your training whenever, and wherever you want. This is especially appealing to students who don’t live near a Pilates training facility. If you have a reliable internet connection, you can get your Pilates mat certification online!


Keep in mind that pursuing your Pilates certification online requires a great deal of self-discipline. As with any training course, the sooner you can complete it, the sooner you can start earning on your investment of education. Pilates training online is no exception. Ideally you will want to complete your online Pilates teacher training within a year of starting. This is not a difficult task for the Pilates mat training online course, but does require the self-discipline to stay on task, especially if you are working a full-time job or going to school at the same time.


The costs associated with Pilates training online can vary, but in general, online Pilates teacher training will be about the same as on-site Pilates certification, with one major difference. When you take your Pilates instructor course online, you don’t have to account for travel costs and any other associated costs that come with time away from work and family complete your Pilates mat certification.

Access to Quality Teachers, Anywhere in the World

The biggest benefit to Pilates training online is the ability to connect with Pilates instructors anywhere in the world. When you choose to complete your Pilates instructor training online you can improve your practice and teaching methods by working with a variety of instructors from an array of different backgrounds, without ever leaving your living room. This global access allows you to see the deeper impact Pilates has on a variety of communities and learn new methods you can employ in your own practice.

Possible Disadvantages of Completing your Pilates Training Online

While there are numerous advantages to Pilates certification online, it is important you are aware of the potential downsides to receiving a Pilates instructor certification online. Some find it difficult to motivate themselves and others prefer the additional help an on-site instructor provides. Before you decide to take your Pilates training online, make sure you are aware of your individual learning style and which method will be most conducive for you to become the best Pilates instructor.

In-Person Interaction

It is common for people to learn better from an instructor who is physically present. This is often the case with those who are interested in Pilates training online. In traditional classes, a Pilates certification instructor is available to answer your questions or help you tweak a position immediately.  If you are getting your Pilates certification online, you may have to wait for an instructor to be available to answer your questions. For many this can derail your momentum and discourage you from completing your Pilates instructor certification online, but for many the benefits of the online course far outweigh the potential wait.  One advantage of the PIA online mat certification course is that you’ll be set up with a master instructor to personally mentor you along every step of the way!

Staying on Task

Pilates training online requires serious focus, equivalent to telecommuting for your job or taking an online college course to complete your degree. If you don’t have a dedicated space in your home for your online Pilates teacher training, you may find it difficult to complete it without getting distracted. It is especially important that the other members of your household know that you should not be bothered when you are working on your Pilates instructor course online (unless it’s an emergency, of course!).

Getting Started with Your Pilates Teacher Training

Whether you decide to complete a traditional Pilates teacher training, or you choose to get your Pilates mat certification online, we are excited that you have chosen to continue your journey with Pilates. The instructors at Pilates Instructor Academy are here to help you choose the right Pilates certification, online or in person, that works best for you.

We offer a complete Pilates mat certification online and provide Pilates reformer and comprehensive trainings at locations across the country. For more information about our live course dates, visit: https://www.pilatesinstructoracademy.com/course-schedule.php.