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Benefits of Online Pilates Instructor Training 

July 06, 2020 - Pilates Instructor Academy

Benefits of Online Pilates Instructor Training

Maybe you’ve been a participant in a Pilates class at your local gym or Pilates studio or have been practicing at home for a while and you have become passionate about how beneficial it is for our bodies, and now you want to share it with others. Maybe you’re interested in a career that brings flexibility and healthful benefits for yourself and those around you. Great news! Pilates is for everyone and online Pilates instructor training makes it easier and more cost-effective than ever!

An online certification program to become a Pilates instructor is just a click away. An online Pilates certification is worth the time and resources. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever for you to receive the highest quality education in Pilates instructor training.

There are several benefits for taking your Pilates mat certification online, not the least of which is being able to stay in your pajamas at home with no commute anywhere but to the fridge for snacks. Online Pilates instructor training programs offer practical, concentrated classes delivered with flexibility and are cost-effective. Read on to learn the advantages of alternative training with online Pilates teacher training. 

Your Online Pilates Teacher Training Schedule is Flexible

One of the greatest advantages is having the flexibility to plan your learning around everyday life. No more need to travel to designated training locations. Online Pilates teacher training gives you the flexibility to take your classes when YOU choose.

You have the freedom to pause to take care of commitments that may arise for work, family, or personal needs. If you have children at home, there’s no need to find a sitter. You hold the keys for the time you choose to train and study. Early morning, late at night, on the go? You can even choose your location. If you’re on the go and have access to the internet, wherever you are, your location becomes your classroom. 

Online Pilates instructor training also gives you the flexibility to learn at a pace that’s most ideal for you. Go as quickly as you’re able to handle or slow down if you need additional time. The ability to study at your own pace will lead you to success.

Gain Your Pilates Certification from the Comfort of Your Home

The BEST part of online Pilates certification is training in the comfort of your own home! Just rolled out of bed and still in your pajamas? No problem! There’s no commute to any facility so no drive time, no need to get spruced up to go out, and no dealing with traffic or parking. With no traveling or following someone else’s schedule, there is no being late to class and no sitting in classrooms for hours in an uncomfortable chair.

Particularly, you’re able to organize your learning environment to suit your needs. Whether you choose to hunker down on your couch or sit at a desk in an office, you have control of the conditions that will best help you achieve your Pilates teacher certification.

Schedule One-on-One Training with Your Pilates Mentor

When you choose online certification, you are not left alone. Online Pilates teacher training through Pilates Instructor Academy gives you the benefit of being able to connect with your mentors for one-on-one assistance. You’ll be able to access your mentors via email or coordinate video chats as needed. If you’ve hit a snag and need to slow down and talk to your mentors, this virtual face-to-face brings the classroom feeling straight to your home. They are available when you need them, to help you with additional understanding and insight. This kind of one-on-one attention is even more focused on YOUR needs than in a live workshop.

Online Pilates Instructor Training is Affordable

On average, when compared to traditional classes on a campus or at a studio, online Pilates certification is more affordable.

Material Costs Savings

With everything being done online, there are no additional materials needed, like books, paper, and printing that often comes with on-site training.

No Lost Wages 

With the flexibility and freedom to choose your schedule, online work can be completed at night or on the weekends, so your Pilates teacher training won’t interfere with your current job and income.

Travel Cost Savings

The biggest savings is no commute necessary, so no money spent on gas or parking, no wear and tear on your vehicle, nor any money spent on airfare, hotels, food and drinks that often arise when taking on-site classes. The farthest distance you’ll have to travel is from your bed to your learning space. 

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